Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Billboard!!!

So you’re driving around West Hollywood with the top down and  you happen to be on Santa Monica Blvd. & Fairfax in your newest Merritt Charles duds when you look skyward because, what’s that you see? Our billboard looming up ahead!!!

180353_10150134870830797_123645670796_8314750_959904_n  163675_10150124652115797_123645670796_8164703_3507709_n

You take a closer look and see that sitting prettily atop is the ever lovely Meredith Atwell in our coziest cardigan, the HATTER, from our current Spring/Summer ‘11 Collection!

MC_BILLBOARD_select by Aaron Heck
Photography by: Aaron Heck @Heck Art Studios

We're super excited about it! Make sure you check it out!

Peace. Love. Merritt Charles.

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